Hawaii's Finest Super Ice Shaver - 1047

You asked for it ... a higher production, more powerful shave ice machine. The #1047 is the ultimate -- the world's highest production, most powerful shave ice machine. Hopper takes a full 8 lb. bag of cracked ice or cubes and quickly turns it into snow that is "finer than nature's finest!" Can you handle that? The base casting of the Super Shaver is about the same size as the #1027. You can see that the rest of the machine is dramatically larger. Features include a "Kill Switch" on the loading door for operator safety! Stainless Steel main column. Weight approximately 80 lbs., 31" (79 cm) tall when the fill lid is open. A really skilled operator will need the #1008 foot switch on any of these machines. It helps to have a "hands-free" operation. CLICK HERE for machine spec sheet.

  • Add to Maximicer (Item #1024 $319.00) for extra capacity


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