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20 Jun


Getting The Most Out of Your Home or Professional Popcorn Machine

When you’re using a popcorn machine, you probably think that all you have to do is put the kernels inside, turn it on, and let the machine do all of the work. While this is usually all that happens, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you get delicious popcorn each time you use your Gold Medal Products popcorn machine. If you’re preparing popcorn for a large number of people, you want to get a machine that has storage underneath the popper. This is an area where you can keep everything from extra kernels to oil and containers for putting the popcorn in once it’s done popping.

The pan in a larger Gold Medal Products popcorn machine is at the top of the unit. You’ll put the kernels inside so that the popcorn will flow over onto the base of the unit when it’s done. A small door is located on the side of the stand so that you can use a scoop to get a portion of popcorn. Some machines have a switch that can turn the flavors from salty to sweet depending on what kind of popcorn you want to make. There are also machines that have separate compartments so that you can make multiple flavors instead of simply plain or butter.

When you begin making popcorn in your machine, let the oil heat up for a few minutes. This will make it easier for the popcorn to pop completely without burning. Make sure you use some kind of timer and continue rotating the popcorn to keep it from burning as well. Add flavors to the kernels so that they will adhere to the popcorn as soon as it pops. You can also place a small cup of water in a large machine for added moisture so that you get a fluffy consistency each time.

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