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13 Jun


Spinning Up A Sweet Treat in Long Beach: What You Need to Make Cotton Candy

The fluffy treat of cotton candy can be made using almost any flavor and color. It’s a fun treat to have for any occasion whether it’s to enjoy with your friends or for a special event with a large group. If you plan on preparing cotton candy for a large number of people, there are a few supplies that you’re going to need. Make sure you have plenty of sugar to use in the machine and in a variety of flavors instead of only offering one or two flavors for guests. You also need to include bags among the cotton candy machine and supplies that you purchase so that you have somewhere to put the spun sugar when it’s done. Another option would be to use large paper cones for the cotton candy you make. A tree stand with hooks can hold several bags of cotton candy that are ready for guests to enjoy.

An item that you need for making several cotton candy cones at one time is a cone holder. Small holes are positioned in the holder for the cones to sit in so that you can continue making cotton candy to put in bags or in more cones. To keep the sugar in the pan when it’s not being used or to secure the candy after it’s started to spin, one of the cotton candy machine supplies that you can get is a pan cover. You can also get a special container to keep the sugar or floss in until it’s ready to be put in the machine to spin.

A stabilizer can keep the interior of the machine from getting unbalanced. This will ensure that the candy you spin is even in density and in taste as it keeps the sugar from navigating more to one side than another.

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