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Popcorn Equipment

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Spice up Your Fair with a Gold Medal Popcorn Maker

One of America’s most ubiquitous snacks is popcorn. From fairgrounds to movie theatres, you find this butter-slathered, lighter-than-air snack almost everywhere. That is why it’s important to have top-of-the-line equipment that can pop kernels to perfection every time. Luckily for you, Beach Cities Wholesaler is one of the best popcorn supply companies in Southern California.

Outstanding, High Performance Popcorn Equipment on Offer

Leading our catalog of high performance popcorn equipment is our Gold Medal Products Popcorn Machine. These machines come in 16 oz. and 32 oz. sizes, both models featuring a stainless steel cabinet and top-lit sign; a perfect addition to your concession stand, movie theatre, or other large scale venue. You can’t go wrong with these value popcorn machines, but they are not the only items we offer. We also supply smaller gold medal fun poppers, Pop Maxx Machines, and a red cart popper for a vintage touch. Want a display case that will also keep your kettle corn fresh? Our three compartment popcorn crisper will keep your corn cozy. Wish to add some exciting cheese flavors to your corn? Our selection of cheddar tumblers will ensure that your corn remains warm and evenly coated. We even supply high quality jet scoops for easy, clean delivery! No matter what your popcorn needs are, our catalog will leave you satisfied.

Contact Us for an Exciting New Machine Now

Our company brings many years of experience and a commitment to quality service to our services, and that includes supplying top tier gear for every event. Whether you are seeking out a quality Gold Medal Popcorn Maker, or are merely seeking out a scoop, you can’t do much better than the items in our catalog. For further inquiries, you can email us at [email protected] or call us at 562-355-4074.