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Cotton Candy

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Outstanding, Quality Cotton Candy Supplies, Wholesale

When you hear the word carnival, one of the first things you think of after clowns and roller coasters are cotton candy. These finely spun strands of sugary string melt away in your mouth, and are a staple of fairs and festivals of any size. Given its long history and near-ubiquitous presence, it only makes sense to serve them at your community event or traveling carnival. This is where Beach City Wholesale’s decade and a half of experience can help.

Delectable Candy Floss in Every Size and Flavor

Our company supplies a wide range of Flossugar and Flossine brand cotton candy, contained within tins, bags, and cartons of various sizes. Our catalog not only includes the traditional bubble gum flavor, but exciting options such as maple, watermelon, birthday cake, raspberry, lime, cherry, strawberry, and grape, ensuring the right taste for every customer. These cartons are available individually or in six counts, ensuring that you won’t be running out of your most popular flavors anytime soon. And when it comes time to serve these treats, why not invest in one of our packaging options? We not only carry the traditional white serving cone, but also provide cotton candy bags and small containers. That way, your customers can always save some of this traditional treat for later.

Contact Us for Exceptional Cotton Candy Today

When you are looking for the best in cotton candy supplies wholesale, look no further than Beach City Wholesale. We guarantee value pricing on a wide range of cotton candy supplies, ensuring that the confections you serve will be the very best in both quantity and quality. Don’t leave your seaside fair without this colorful, ethereal treat. Browse our catalog to find your perfect candy selection today, or place further inquiries at 562-355-4074 or [email protected].