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Shaved Ice & Snow Cone

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Wholesale Snow Cone Supplies at your Fingertips

The simple yet delicious snow cone is a common sight at any summertime festival, carnival, party, or another event. Its simple combination of shaved ice and flavored syrup makes preparation easy, but the real challenge lies in finding the necessary supplies. Fortunately for you, Beach Cities Wholesalers has all of the machines, syrups, and other supplies you need to create these delicious frozen snacks.

From Ice Machines to Flavored Syrups, We Have You Covered

There are many elements that go into making the perfect snow cone, and our company supplies all of them. We supply many flavors of snow cone syrup wholesale, including lemon lime, pineapple, orange, cherry, cotton candy, blue raspberry and bubble gum. For the older set, we also have flavors such as piña colada, margarita, and strawberry daiquiri, adding a fun, chilly spin on your favorite fancy drinks. These various syrups are available as small bottles, singular jugs, or packs of multiple flavors, allowing you to find the perfect amount and combination of flavors for your next seaside event.

Of course, fancy flavoring is only part of the snow cone equation. That is why we supply both the Shav-a-Door and Polar Pete ice shavers, devices that provide excellent shaved ice in a fun-looking package. For serving options, we provide snow-cone paper cups for easy serving, as well as colorful plastic flower cups for a more colorful serving option. Together, these top-of-the-line supplies will guarantee that your snow cones come out perfect.

Place Your Snow Cone Order Today

When it comes to snow cones, it is vital that every ingredient is perfect. That is why you can count on us to supply nothing but the best in shaved ice machines, syrups, and serving cups. To place an order for snow cone supplies wholesale, or any other wholesale concession equipment, simply use our online catalog. You can also contact us at 562-355-4074 or [email protected] if you have any additional questions about our products and services.