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Piña Colada 8-oz. Flossugar Pouches (24 count)


The perfect Flossugar for renal locations! This Flossugar is ready to use right from the box with no messy mixing required, just pour into the spinner head and your off. One 8-oz. pouch makes 8-10 cotton candy cones, making this the perfect rental sized Flossugar. The Piña Colada Flossugar #3409 pouches make it super easy for customers to change out colors when adding more sugar, this allows you to offer more variety at lower prices for customer’s events!

Piña Colada Flossugar #3409 (Case Count: 24)


Piña Colada 8-oz. Flossugar Pouches

SKU: 3409

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